First Blog Post of 2015!!

Apologies for not writing a post last week, I had the flu.  Aside from studying, playing Yu-Gi-Oh,  and reading other blogs and articles on the daily, the only significant thing that’s going to happen next week is me covering Sam Smith’s Nirvana on Monday.  Now before you guys harp on me about me covering only Sam Smith songs, let me assure you that the stuff that I listen to is not limited only to Sam Smith. I only cover his songs for the purpose of voice type similarity (we’re both bari-tenors) and style similarity (we both do RnB/Pop style schtuff). Now I’m of the mindset that sharing is caring, so if you’re not an avid Facebooker (petition to make this a word), I will post the cover on my next blog post.

Until next time folks,

Kelvin P


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