My New York Diary: Part Two

If there was ever a word to describe hectic, it would be the environment I was in today at Woodbury Outlet Mall in Central Valley, NY. Everywhere I turned, there was at least one person or family that had shopping bags, food, or both, which I guess would be an ideal representation of a mall. But the most surprising factor was the fact that there were lots of people (both locals and tourists) shopping even though the New Yorkers don’t celebrate Boxing Day. Even the restrooms enjoyed a line up chock full of people. Luckily, I came out of this hectic environment with a decent amount of clothes and accessories which I’ll be showing at the end of this blog post.

It’s winter everyone, and nothing says winter than having fur coats, right? Well I’ll be one of many people who does not necessarily agree with that notion. Granted, fur coats are in style (I happen to own a North Face Gotham Hyvent Bomber, which my generation calls “hypebeast” clothing) nowadays and they are seen as something people usually wear during the winter months. However, I am of the mindset that we should be more presentable to people the older we get, especially in business. Having a logo on an article of clothing people look at (and in some cases, judge you by) just seems out of place, especially if you’re in higher positions in the company. Thus, I believe we should capitalize on pea coats, and capitalize I did. For $46.85 (after tax), I was able to grab myself a navy blue wool pea coat from Banana Republic (or if you want to be hipster, BR). Having owned a grey wool pea coat from Le Château a couple of weeks prior, that makes two out of the three I really want (the third being a black one). Definitely a great addition at an affordable price :).

I’ve always had a liking towards clothes from Europe (Lacoste would be the first thing that comes to mind), and thus my first article of clothing I bought was from Ted Baker. Still keeping with the holiday spirit post-Christmas, I decided to pick up a green merino wool V-neck jumper for $61.43 (after taxes). That’s right folks, you saw the words “Ted Baker” and “$61.43” in the same paragraph, which suggests that the clientele of the London-based store is indicative of an upper middle-class/high-class population. This would be a great addition to your European collection if you want a snug, comfy jumper with a touch of class.

One of the things I felt was missing from my wardrobe was a pair (or two) of colored pants. Having said that, I was able to snatch a pair of forest green skinnies from DKNY and a pair of light burgundy skinnies from Armani Exchange. The prices? $26.02 (after taxes and discounts) for the DKNY skinnies and $41.65 (after taxes and discounts) for the Armani Exchange skinnies.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a pretty big sports fan, and one sport in particular I like to watch and occasionally play is basketball. Add that to the fact that I’m a Canadian, and thus the need for a Raptors snap was fulfilled. With Lids having a BOGO half off sale, I was surprised that there weren’t more people at the place, given the popularity of basketball in the state of New York. While I did pay quite a bit for the hat (almost $30 for one), I like to think of it as a good investment because I actually have something I can wear to show how much love I have for my team.

See the pic below for a visual representation of the schtuff I bought.


From top, left to right: Light burgundy Armani skinnies, Red Tommy Hilfiger V-Neck sweater, Navy Blue Banana Republic Wool Peacoat

From bottom, left to right: Forest green DKNY skinnies, Green Ted Baker London V-Neck sweater, Lids Mitchell and Ness Toronto Raptors Snapback Hat

Until next time folks,

Kelvin P


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