To Go Mainstream, or Not to Go Mainstream?

While most of you are aware that I sing (see: “First Blog Post!!” and “Who Inspires Me in Music”), I realized something; y’all haven’t actually seen me do a live acapella (for the non-music geeks out there, it means no instruments) rendition. Before I get to the video, allow me to say the sole reason why I prefer acapella over anything else: everyone gets to hear the real you. Granted, I will respect people who can use that stuff correctly (looking at you T-Pain). However, my respect for you as a artist will go down if you’re someone who has great pipes and natural talent, yet abuse special effects like there’s no tomorrow (so pretty much most of today’s mainstream music).

While on the topic of today’s mainstream music, there’s a big part of me that says “Why is the music that these artists put out now so full of crap?” and “How could you go from an era (anything before the mid to late 2000s) in which music had meaning to an era (late 2000s to present) where love, sex, and drugs is the MO?” However, there’s another part of me that says “Much ado about nothing.” Fortunately, bright spots such as Adele, Bruno Mars, and Sam Smith (whose song “I’m Not the Only One” will be shown in this post) are starting to go back to that era of good music that I grew up listening to, but you could only do so much with so little.

Okay, so after that mini rant, the link I posted will direct you to my acapella cover of Sam Smith’s I’m Not the Only One. Mind you, this was already posted on Facebook earlier in the month and has amassed 40 likes, which isn’t too bad. My reason for re-posting is because I think it’s something I’m proud of, and I want everyone to see (and hopefully appreciate) something I’ve been doing since the first grade. Video creds to my friend Abdul who took the time out of his schedule to record me using his Blackberry (yes, THAT company) Playbook.


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