My Picks for Halloween-based Movies

As a movie aficionado, one of the genres that I enjoy watching is the horror genre. Seeing as Halloween’s tomorrow, I’ve decided to come up with my picks for Halloween-based movies.

1) Halloween (1978 version, not that Rob Zombie remake which, quite frankly, was a disgrace to the franchise)

2) The Omen (1976 version, not that horrible 2006 remake. For all the old timers out there, Gregory Peck, the guy who played Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird was cast as lead character Robert Thorn. How he went from being a lawyer in one film to being the father of a demonic child we’ll never know, but one thing’s for sure. The legacy Peck forged in cinema lore won’t be forgotten.)

3) The Exorcist (known not just for how scary it was to viewers at the time, but also for the deaths that occurred to some of the cast members)

4) The Cabin in the Woods (a mix of comedy and horror. Plus, there’s a scene in the movie where they distinguish between witches and sexy witches, so thanks WatchMojo for that clarification. Oh and some guy named Liam Hemsworth’s in it.)

5) Troll 2 (this is what B-movies are all about. Horrible acting, horrible plot advancement, but to be honest, it’s something so bad it’s good. You might remember this infamous scene*)

Tell me in the comments below (very Youtubey, but whatever) your fave Halloween movies and whether or not you agree with my list.

Until next time folks,

Kelvin Pau



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