Post-Birthday Shenanigans

Hey you! Yes you! The time has come for another blog (admit it university/college students, you’d thought I say midterms instead of this four letter word that I take great pride in thinking, creating, making, administering, and sharing (on Facebook) each Thursday). Here’s what happened :

Friday, October 3: I wrote my first midterm for the semester. The course? Music 1A03, a course that by my standards as a musician would classify as “bird.” This course is basically music history from the Medieval era to the Baroque era (interesting fact about Baroque: It comes from the Portuguese word “barroco,” or misshaped pearl. which ties in heavily with the amount of crazy ornamentation that was prevalent during that era). My professor for this course is an amazing human being named Dave Gerry, who, in addition to being one of the nominees for Mac’s teaching awards in the winter semester and teaching us non-music majors the history of music, is an accomplished flautist, and also a huge cat lover and pop culture fan. Ended up getting a 96 on the midterm, so I guess it’s safe to say all that previous musical training I had (see first post for more information) really paid off in the end.

Saturday, October 4: Two days into my 19th birthday, I thought the first thing I’d do was ask a couple buddies of mine to go to a pub and have a drink. On paper, that would sound like something most 19-year-olds would do after a midterm (or any exam for that matter) and have a good time doing said activity. However, it was a cold day in the Steel City. To reflect the somber nature, I thought to myself “What should I drink? Oh I know! A Budweiser.” So there it is folks, my first legal drink was a beer (unoriginal, I know, but hey, it passes as an alcoholic beverage, so at the end of the day, I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish). A pound of honey garlic chicken wings (which, by the way, was about 5 – 6 bucks, and was worth it) later, I was met with a bit of dizziness (that’s right kids, drinking an alcoholic beverage can and most likely leads to some sort of dizziness and, if not controlled properly, can result in puking and alcohol poisoning) and an overall feeling of happiness*. Definitely crossing this experience off my bucket list.

Thursday, October 8: To celebrate the six-day anniversary of my birthday and the three-day of my friend’s birthday, I thought what better way to celebrate than by going to party central… East Side Mario’s? Okay, maybe not party central, but at least the food was good, and that’s what matters. In other news, the DeGroote School of Business’s Finance Association had one of their marquee events today, a wine and cheese event which required those interested to bring themselves, their business formal attire, and their networking and communication prowess, as a bunch of industry professionals came and spoke about their lives and careers. So if you’re wondering why three guys are wearing suits and ties,** that’s why.

Below are pictures of the dinner, and the people who made it special. Couldn’t have done it without you 🙂

10704361_10154597566265012_8662532045793606203_o The piece of cake I got from East Side Mario’s and the things my friends do in the name of photobombing (Exhibit A: Chinese-Canadian male in the blue dress shirt)

10411779_916977328331378_6173328397647520833_n With the long-lost sister, Florence Pau.

10392469_916977321664712_2204849106680131392_n A more serious picture of us #crewlove


One of my favourite songs and one of the things that I strive to do when it comes to dealing with people who are having a bad day.


Let me know in the comments if you think I should cover any or both of these songs.

Until next time folks,

Kelvin P


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