First Blog Post!!

*cue university lecturer voice* Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog, lavoixmagnifique. Before I begin getting into the nitty-gritty things about me, let me start off by telling y’all why I wanted to make a blog. I recall in Grade Three (or for all you Americans who are looking at this, “third grade”) one of the things we had to do was in order to enhance our writing skills, we had to write letters to other Grade Three kids in British Columbia. What I eventually realized by the time I wrote the second letter was that the guy I had to write to unfortunately was in a wheelchair. To put this into perspective, either he was hipster Drake or he was the second coming of Professor X. But in all seriousness, I realized that each subsequent letter that followed suit became more important because I felt like by writing what I thought (even if that meant what Pokémon cards he had or how many Tamogatchis he had to nurture) I was making a difference in his life. *end university lecturer voice*

When I made this account, it drove me near insane that many of the account names I wanted were taken (e.g. kelvinp, paupau, and asiandelights were taken, so the two choices I decided between were audibletenor and lavoixmagnifique). I realized that not everybody knew what the word “tenor” meant, and thus lavoixmagnifique was born.

FYI, lavoixmagnifique translates to “The Magnificent Voice,” so for all you non-Frenchies out there, you’re welcome.

So welcome to my first ever blog post (from here on out, I’m gonna be blogging every Thursday)!! Here’s a bit about myself:

1) My real name’s Kelvin Pau (pronounced ‘pow’ like the comic book action). I’m a second year university Commerce student at McMaster University (H-Town what’s good?!). I speak three languages (English, French, and Cantonese) and was born and raised in the second coming of Chinatown, or to common folk, Scarborough.

2) My biggest passions in life are making people smile, anything pop-culture related (i.e. movies, comics, TV shows, web series), sports, anything music-related (I sing and play the piano, and there’s a high chance that most if not all of my covers of songs/original songs are going to be posted on lavoixmagnifique), fashion, and of course, blogging. My goal with the pop-culture and music-related stuff is to create best and worst lists, showcase memorable performances and impressions of other entertainers, give occasional rants about what is right and wrong about today’s music and film industry, and tributes and/or special blogs dedicated to, well, special people (looking at you Robin Williams). As for the other stuff I mentioned (making people smile and fashion), be on the lookout for pics/videos/discussions about those in the near future.

3) I’m also a big fan of games and finding ways to be creative, and so the game I’m gonna play right now is what I’d like to call “What’s in a Name.” Okay, maybe the concept’s not too creative, but your imagination when playing this will most likely be. So the premise of this game is to find proper words (move over Urban Dictionary) that pertain to the letters in your name.

K for Kind (the majority of people I’ve met had “You’re a kind person” as their first impressions. Like I said before, one of the main goals I strive to achieve is to remain a kind and positive person at heart and make a difference)

E for Excellence (in Grade 11 and 12 Vocal class, one of the mottos I came across and one I still live by was Tradition. Legacy. Excellence. After thinking about it for some time, I was able to grasp what my teacher (and one of my inspirations in life) taught me. I really believe that the key to a great life is being able to excel, or having the mindset that challenging yourself is a positive thing, whether that means learning Microsoft Office (see what I did there), maintaining a relationship, etc…

L for Loofah (thank you Jamie Foxx for converting one of the most unsexy words into something hip and trendy*)

V for Vendetta (couldn’t resist putting one of my favourite movies on here. Plus, Hugo Weaving (Red Skull, and everyone’s favourite fantasy leader, Lord Elrond from Rivendell**), Natalie Portman (showing women everywhere that being bald was hot and not, um… not creating a buzz (looking at you Britney Spears), along with the Guy Fawkes mask, were the main reasons I thoroughly enjoyed the film)

I for Integrity (everything I post is legit and true to my heart. I’m not trying to be fake, nor was that my intention in making this blog. Advice for all future bloggers: Be yourself. Don’t be something you’re not)

N for Nocturnal (yes folks I’m a night owl. Expect most of my posts on my blog to be at night.)


** Still waiting on that Elvish-to-English dictionary

In other news, it’s my birthday tomorrow, so how does it feel being 19? We’ll talk about this once my shipment of alcohol from LCBO has arrived.

Kelvin P


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